‘Going, going, gone… Prank Week sold to pranksters in the back!’


WHAT WAS SUPPOSED to be a week of harmless, juvenile fun for the Grade 11s was tainted weeks later by the mentors of St Michael’s, but more on that later. First let us get started on the fun part of this tale.

Monday was relatively uneventful, if you ignore the early birthday song for Mrs Mariska McDonald, a friendly impromptu game of Ring a Ring o’ Roses in the quad and the conference held at the back of Mrs Karen Venter’s class. Now, Tuesday was when the real fun began.

13 August 2019 was the day that the legendary RA BA KENA security service was born. If you are looking for military grade protection and professionalism, then RBK is the one for you. Not only did RBK protect the youth of St Michael’s from dawn, they also safely and effortlessly escorted some of the school’s greatest assets – the teachers, just in case you’d forgotten. The morning began with a search of Mrs Elizabeth Venter’s class for enemy agents. Later they narrowly missed a speed bump outside Mrs Melanie Schoeman’s class whilst driving the RBK bus. In an excellent display of vehicular expertise, it was ensured that the bottle-cap runway outside her class was not damaged. The day was ended with a sweet serenade for Mrs Basson.

Then there was the switcheroo. Business, History and Physics girls got to have a taste of just what the other subjects had to offer. Some – most likely Physics girls – may have felt waves of regret for decisions made in the ignorant bliss of Grade 9. Regardless, it was an exciting excursion to the other side of the fence. Later, the Life Science girls had the chance to huddle in close to Mrs Schoeman; they actually got to move in on her space, inch by inch as the desks moved closer and closer. A spicy tango down the corridors was next on the menu.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be immersed in several natural disasters but you don’t want to die? Well, one teacher got the experience courtesy of the Geography girls. Tornadoes, earthquakes, monsoons; if you can name it, it was performed.

Friday came with a bang. With the outfit change of the century came an exhilarating dance party in Ms Amanda van Eeden’s class, followed by a Dance for our Daddies in the quad just for Mrs McDonald.

‘Extra extra, if ya want ya map, unique art pieces or lunch bag it’ll cost ya’. If you thought of money, then you were wrong. It was a dance move and whatever else the head auctioneer believed your possession was worth.

For those of you thinking that the Grade 11s were tame during that week, well then honey, you’re missing the whole point of Prank Week. The point is to be appreciative of the teachers, not to be cruel. Just as the Grade 11s were told by Mrs Schoeman.

It was a lesson that she would have done well to take herself. After at least two weeks of emotionally toying with the Life Sciences girls’ feelings about moving to Collegiate Girls’ High School, she and her bandit colleagues decided to play out the final act of their Shakespeare-inspired tragedy. Some Vicks under the eyes, Woolworths flowers that SHE had bought to give to herself in chapel, several tears and breakdowns later it was announced that the whole thing had been a ruse. This was of course after a myriad of lies and soul-crushing thoughts about having to drop Physics because Mrs Karen Venter was going to teach Life Sciences. Throughout that day the forgotten casualties of this war were without a doubt the Grade 10s and all the potential Life Sciences learners who mourned the loss of their future teacher.

It cannot be denied that this was one of the greatest pranks ever conjured up by the teachers; a job splendidly done – their genius still has the senior school stunned!