What makes St Michael’s great?


With 39 consecutive years of a 100% matric pass rate under its belt, it comes as no surprise that St Michael’s has a reputation for excellence. Something that is often not acknowledged is all the work that goes into making the school great. Here are some examples of St Michael’s going the extra mile for its scholars:

Termly Inter-House Cultural Evenings

Every term the school hosts an Inter-House Cultural Evening, where teams from each house compete for points. The cultural evenings each has a different theme, allowing them to remain exciting and new to learners, as well as to showcase as many talents and abilities as possible. These events often act as stress relief during busy terms and lighten the mood of hectic test weeks.

Split second decision-making practised at the annual Interhouse Quiz. From the left: Kamohelo, Mase Tlhakudi and Fiona Lee.

Maths and Science Week

The term ‘fun’ generally doesn’t tend to sit well when referring to maths and science, but somehow, thanks to the staff at St Michael’s, there were a few occasions where learners reconsidered their hatred of the subjects.

The last week of term three was Maths and Science Week, which aimed to make maths and science more fun for learners and to encourage them to think in new and unfamiliar ways. Some of the week’s activities included, but weren’t limited to, a maths competition between grades for the prize of free ice-cream and witnessing a ‘Chemistry Magic Show’ presented by the University of the Free State.

Nicoleen Dliwayo on stage with Dr Johan Venter (left) and Dr Ernie Langner (right) from the Department of Chemistry at the University of the Free State

Fun Fridays

Every now and again St Michael’s will have a Fun Friday, where learners gather in the quad for a breaktime full of fun and, more often than not, free food provided by sponsors. Music blasts from speakers as students are encouraged to get to know one another and let loose. Much like the cultural evenings, Fun Fridays relieve some of the stress caused by exams and assignments that students face. The Fun Fridays are organised by the school’s marketing team, which is run by Mrs Eileen Ndewere.


St Michael’s learners are fortunate to attend a school that cares deeply about widening the horizons of its students. This is seen by the frequent tours that are organised for learners, both locally and internationally. Every year, for instance, girls partake in the national All Girls Festival. The school also takes learners on international tours for enrichment. In 2018 45 learners toured the United Kingdom, and next year SMS will be heading to Italy.