April 21, 2024

Farewell a display of poise, prestige and near perfection


The opening dance of the 2019 Matric Farewell: Keke Ramakarane and Mr Mark Muller.
Photo L Selesho

The Matrics of 2019 arrived at the venue @ Tonic in classical style. The venue, dressed in gold and red, was adorned with glittering lights complemented by towering white centre pieces.

An emotional staff looked on as stylish young women, who had once run loose on the playground, strode towards them, accompanied by partners, family, and friends. 

Many onlookers were left wondering whether the Free State Fashion Week had come early with ladies wearing gowns from established local designers such as Gert-Johan Coetzee and Casper Bosman. Appearances were even made by Yves Saint Laurent and other renowned names in the fashion industry.

All these creations, however, were concealed in displays of advanced engineering, including impressive German machines and a classic Roll’s Royce. Some were roared in on vrooming motorcycles. The Big Reveal was undeniably the highlight of the evening.

Each matriculant was graced with an individual entrance while nostalgic parents watched on and celebrated the women they had raised. Parents particularly enjoyed the apt quotes read by Ms Anel Ries as their daughters entered the hall.

Mrs Imelita van der Berg was a witty, eloquent Master of Ceremonies who highlighted many memories from the matrics’ school career. The festivities got underway with a toast from the Head Girl, Emily Chikobvu, who remarked that their final year was ‘the beginning of a never-ending journey of growth and renewal’.

To open the dance floor, a St Michael’s family tradition of having the RCL executive dance with the principal and staff members was re-enacted to the pleasure of all who were present. This elegant opening paid tribute to the values of St Michael’s and the ladies who had upheld these timeless ideals throughout their school careers.

‘Mrs Natasha Slabbert and Mrs Anel Ries have really outdone themselves,’ said Abigail Holloway. ‘The combination of gourmet food, a beautiful venue, good music and energetic dancing created the perfect backdrop to an evening to be remembered.’