April 21, 2024

This too shall pass


2020 is a year that, instead of living up to the expectations of rebirth, new life, or a fresh start, has taken the lives of many and left most wishing to return to just about any time pre-Corona Virus. For the first time in 102 years, the world has been brought to a complete standstill. It may be difficult not to dwell in the pits of pessimism, but it is more important now than ever to focus on the positives and remind yourself that this too shall pass.

How ironic that something so small has brought about such colossal change? A microscopic virus has affected people’s outlook on life, alerted many to the importance of adequate hygiene and sanitation, and ultimately given people a much more profound appreciation for the simple and underestimated things in life. It has also forced everyone to adapt to a not so comfortable ‘new normal’, but as Charles Darwin once said, ‘It is not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent, that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’

The ‘new normal’ includes more than just an uncomfortable reality, as it created many opportunities that would, under normal circumstances, not have been possible. Lockdown gave the gift of time: the opportunity to learn something new, acquire new skills, spend quality time with family, and take a break from the usual rush of life. These should not be overlooked – the best memories of 2020 will be comprised of these moments.

Even in the darkest of times, there is light. Keep your head high and your focus on the light, because this too shall pass and whether you are an asset to the darkness or the light, is in your hands.