April 22, 2024

Gr 8s welcomed to SMS


After the symbolic Basher Ceremony where the new high-school learners were welcomed into the hierarchy, the matric baton of the past hundred and forty-five years was passed on to the next generation. The matric badges were received with trepidation at the responsibility.

The bond between matriculant mistress and Grade Eight skivvie is traditionally forged through a series of events, ranging from a warm welcome on 14 January to fun activities like ‘resurrecting a plastic duck’.

The school year began at the New Learners’ party with the introduction of the Class of 2020 to the rookie high-school learners followed by a run-through of the programme for the week. The day concluded with excitement triumphing over the anxiety about a new chapter in the school careers of both the Grade 12s and Grade 8s.

The Grade 8 Integration Camp ended with a stand-off against their Eunice counterparts. A definite highlight was the new song, ‘Sugar is sweet. And very nice. But you are bitter! Like vinegar!’ that the two all-girls schools sang to taunt each other.

The resolution to wake up in the middle of the night to learn new songs never materialised as neither the skivvies nor their mistresses could be stirred at 03:00 for the next round of songs. Despite that, both ends of the hierarchy were pumped at the stand-off between Grey College and St Andrew’s.

Integration was concluded with the official assimilation of the 2020 Grade 8 class into St Michael’s culture.

What is Grade 8 Sleepover made of? Dancing and singing and all kinds of socialising – that’s what Grade 8 Sleepover is made of!