April 21, 2024

From the Editor’s Desk


It is almost impossible to put into words the number of curved balls 2020 has thrown our way. The past nine months have felt like an eternity – one looks back at March and wonders how we’re still in the same year.

The first term started out as any other would – there were cultural evenings, galas and Honours Dinners. Here and there, if you were paying attention, you may have heard strange murmurings about a weird new virus that had cropped up in China. What was it called again? ‘Coroner’ Virus – was that it? Either way, whatever was going on halfway across the globe was of little importance to us when we had life-changing class tests to write.

It all happened almost overnight. Suddenly, serious discussions had to be held about the planned tour to Italy, which ended up being cancelled. Less than three weeks later, we all sat and watched as our president told us that we would no longer be going to school, or anywhere else, for months. The St Michael’s grounds were dead silent within a few days.

For many, lockdown was a difficult time. Online learning felt hostile and impersonal. Motivation was scarce. Alone at home all day, loneliness crept in like a fog. We’re all too proud to admit it, but we definitely missed school. It turns out the sounds of raucous laughter, clicking pens and shuffling feet aren’t the worst thing in the world.

When we started going back to school, it was in dribs and drabs. On again, off again. Certain grades on this day, other grades on that day. Nothing was the way it was before – this is the ‘new normal’.

Speaking of change – The SeMeSter has launched its website. This wouldn’t have been possible without Mrs Du Toit, who is almost always on top of things (even when she thinks she isn’t), the Photography Club and their chair lady Nicole Thikeson, or, of course, the members of the SeMeSter Editorial Team.

Although this year has been far from what we expected, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the words of our newly elected Head Girl for 2021, Kgosatsana Mabalane, ‘TUFF TIMES NEVA LAST‘.