April 21, 2024

2020 Founders Day extra special


Founders day this year was extra special, considering that it was one of the very last few events we held together as a school, before the commencement of the national coronavirus lockdown.

The atmosphere this year was slightly different and one couldn’t tell why, perhaps it could’ve been the beautiful angelic voices of the chapel choir that blew us all away or the jubilant Eucharist serviced by Rev Grant Trewern, either way both were very captivating indeed.

Special guest, Chairperson of the SMS Old Girls Association Dominique Le Riche joined in on this year’s joyous celebrations. Miss Le Riche even had the privilege of assisting Mr Van Wyk in the handing out of this year’s prize winners.

congratulations to the following ladies on receiving there founders day awards:

Sasha Steenbok, received the Lesley Coen Bequest, Busiswe Mahlatji the Gregory Bursary award, Katleho Habi the Ruby Bodham-Whetham Art Bursary, Rethabile Lebakeng the McDonald Prize for Bilingualism, Mpho Raliopane the Sister Edith Agnes Memorial Bursary, Tshiamo Sethoba the Sophie Leviseur Bursary, Regina Morake the Josephine Pritchard Prize and Kyra Van Niekerk the Old Girls Bursary award. Congrats to you ladies.

As the day progressed, the high school got to enjoy a bit of dancing alongside Teambo. The rythamtic exercises were not only fun but encouraged quite a few learners to step out of their comfort zone and own the stage a bit. The ladies absolutely enjoyed the exercises and shared a few great laughs together. The junior school had their event on the hockey fields where they had the opportunity to to compete against one another in potato sack, egg and spoon as well as many other enthusiastic activities.

The spectacular day ended on a high note with each learner receiving a unique key ring of which Mr Van Wyk encouraged the ladies to keep somewhere, where they would be constantly reminded of the school. A special thanks and prayer was held for the schools 146th birthday, before learners could jet off home with a traditional cupcake in hand. Undeniably it was a wonderful day.

Grades 1-11 lined up, ready to receive their cupcakes before jetting off for the long weekend.

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