April 22, 2024

Baby packs for preemies donated


In the middle of a busy academic term with many challenges, including the COVID 19 pandemic, Mrs Melanie Schoeman initiated a project to inspire St Michael’s girls to show compassion by co-operating to donate packages for premature babies.

This idea came about when Mrs Schoeman learned of the passing of a former hostel student, Maryke Redelinghuys’s baby son, Hanroux, in May. The baby was born prematurely and passed two days later. Mrs Schoeman then started following Maryke’s posts on Facebook more closely and adopted her idea of collecting baby packages.

The school supported Mrs Schoeman’s initiative and almost everyone got involved. Learner-educator teams were formed and a list with suggested items was compiled. Some learners brought financial contributions for the educator to purchase some of the items for the pack, and some learners in the hostel got together in groups to contribute to more packs. Items included nappies, baby wipes, baby soap, baby grows, blankets, etc.

St Michael’s showed great empathy and team spirit by putting together 63 packs which doubled the original goal of thirty.

The packages were delivered to Maryke, who will distribute them. Mrs Schoeman expressed how proud and appreciative she was of everyone who contributed, who was willing to ‘learn to give without expecting anything in return’. The project was very successful and exciting for many. What a way to end the term!

Mr Herman Redelinghuys and his wife , Maryke, through their grief, managed to make a huge difference in the lives of parents who also face the challenges of having premature babies. Photo provided
Mrs Melanie Schoeman was overwhelmed by the response from St Michael’ staff and learners to her request to donate baby packs for Maryke Redelinghuys’s preemie baby pack project. Photo Z Coetzee


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