June 18, 2024

Month: June 2021

147 years commemorated

EARLY ON THE MORNING of Founders’ Day, different Grade groups met at different venues: Gr 7-9 started at the hockey fields and the Grade 10-12s assembled outside the chapel, while the Foundation Phase enjoyed their own programme with sack races, gg & spoon and balancing.

From the Editor’s desk

In many ways, the first half of this year felt almost normal as we all become more and more accustomed to the new, post-Covid way of life.

CFG sleepover much fun

he Christian fellowship group began the year with a weekend filled with praise and worship and an outreach to a children’s home.

Grade 8 sleepover a bonding experience

St Michael’s has always prepared incoming Grade 8s for their high school journey by integrating them over a span of two weeks, including a weekend sleepover which is fascilitated by that year’s matric class, and this year was no different.