April 14, 2024

Matric 100-word essays

Since Grade 12 learners are not allowed to enter the SACEE 100-word Story Competition, The Semester seized the opportunity to publish two of the best stories from the Grade 12 class. Enjoy!


An Angel

Slowly she falls. Her face towards the clear, vibrant, blue sky. Her back towards the dull, grey concrete. Behind her eyelids, sweet memories riddle her vision. A small smile graces her lips as she mumbles a quiet prayer followed by a sorrowful apology. She can hear the aggressive ‘whoosh’ of the wind indicating her rapid descent. Her body hits the ground with a gut-wrenching thud. People wail in horror at the sight of the mangled remains.

Many judged her; called her a coward, but never saw the beauty…..the beauty of an angel who had found her heaven.



Why were you so hard to love? You came to me the one time I decided to walk home alone. The night I felt drunk and brave. You came from violence, from a torn blouse and a bloody skirt. Why did you fight to survive? You fought against the smoke and the pills and the alcohol. Why couldn’t you just die? I didn’t have money and a coat hanger was not an option. So here you lie in my arms. Small. Helpless. Beautiful. You were created from violence but I promise to love you like you were a choice.