April 14, 2024

New Financial Manager an asset for SMS


THE NEW FINANCIAL MANAGER at St Michael’s is spontaneous but an introvert at heart. She enjoys challenges and is always ready to tackle any task. She is self-motivated and motors through any obstacle she might face. She believes that one should not run from an issue but rather approach it head-on. Challenges and issues should grow and shape you, rather than be a stumbling block. Her life motto is to make the most of every moment, no matter what the situation, because life passes by so quickly.  

Ms Carolie Olivier was an accountant at Finance Online for four years before joining St Michael’s School for Girls. She studied BCom Accounting at the University of the Free State and is registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).  She is a proud Old Girl of Oranje Meisieskool.

Being at St Michael’s is rewarding, as it is improving her people skills, teaching her how to handle different situations, and generally expanding her knowledge about the dynamics of schools and the Department of Education.

Ms Olivier prefers to keep her private life and work-life separate. In her free time, she likes to jog, read, watch TV shows on Netflix (her all-time favourite is Friends), and spend quality time with her family. She comes from a big family and is one of five children. She also completed the virtual Midmar with the SMS staff team this year.

When asked what she would do with R100 million, she smiled and asked, ‘for the school or for me?’ For the school, she would plan another Italy tour, seeing that last year’s tour was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and for herself, she would buy her own home.  

She is clearly a valuable asset to the school. With her quiet and friendly disposition, she does not only contribute to financial health at SMS but also to the general wellbeing of staff and learners.

Ms Olivier enjoys jogging – strength and endurance are in demand in the SMS finance office!