April 14, 2024

Proctor camp revolves around an image of a pyramid


The 2021 Proctor Body attended an enriching leadership camp during the first weekend of the term. Due to the Level 3 lockdown, this year’s camp diverged from normalcy – since St Michael’s couldn’t go to Moolmanshoek as they had in previous years. Mr Casey Morgan and Mr Nico Arangies joined the girls on the SMS campus. Mr Arangies reserved the Friday afternoon for ice-breaker games. This included the frightening experience of putting their hands on mouse traps to build trust in one another! A sunset discussion on the role models of individual members of the team evoked a lively response.

Saturday began with an early-morning Bible study and quiet time, followed by a hike up Naval Hill. The SMS team made it all the way up under the hot sun. Having to walk all the way with a person unfamiliar to you was a good exercise in communication.

A lunch overlooking the city of Bloemfontein and a session on mastering conflict was held on top of the hill. By afternoon everyone was sopping wet from the poolside activities, which involved moving buckets of water atop a log while pulling ropes to balance it, and having to fill a perforated pipe with just enough holes for the fingers available, with water.

Rev. Trewern’s sermon on the fruits of the Spirit saw surprising accompaniment in the form of a jingle that many of the girls remembered from Junior School. A few were minutes given to reflect on what fruits they and those around them possessed.

Blindfolded and holding on to only a rope was the position in which the proctors found themselves that night. The words ‘If you are struggling to find the end of the rope, ask for help’ highlighted not just the proctors’ but all people’s hesitation to ask for help. Mpho Raliopane was left alone on the rope just going in circles.

On Sunday the Bible study was led by Mr Morgan, a new and well-traveled friend. He taught important lessons to hope and never to tolerate abuse, especially from men.

The whole weekend revolved around a pyramid with five levels: build trust as the base, master conflict, obtain commitment, embrace accountability and focus on results at the top. This is the secret recipe to building relationships in life. Water and nurture the flower of physical, emotional, environmental, social, and intellectual aspects with spirituality as its bud.

The weekend was exactly what the Proctor Body of 2021 needed. They can only attempt and expect greatness from here on out.

Tactical teamwork in action at the proctor camp. Photo J de Abreu

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