April 14, 2024

Buxton brings it home in annual inter-house singing

On August 27th 2021, the official four houses of SMS came together to partake in what was a joyous occasion of inter-house singing. Under intense pressure and a restricted amount of time, each respective house made sure to deliver what they thought best could bring home the Gold plaque for them. In an interview conducted with Dr Johan Cromhout it was revealed that the first inter-house singing competition dated back to the early 1900’s, more than a century ago. 

Despite the competition being slightly different due to COVID-19 this year, the ladies served and delivered great fun for themselves in what felt like an estranged atmosphere of togetherness. In a fierce competition fancied by the ladies between Connaught and Buxton, the ladies in red won! On what was a day of great fun and celebration of the Matric 40 days, it too was a significant celebration for the admiration of the angelic voices of St Michael’s ladies who proved to be creative masterminds. Indeed it was proven on this occasion that SMS is home to possible Idols SA champs in the near future! Well done to you all ladies, keep up the great teamwork.