April 14, 2024

Dancing Duo does it again


Nthati and Sedi did it again! On the 27th of August, they participated in the SADTA provincial Championships at Bobbies Park.

Nthati obtained 2nd place for Freestyle Solo and 5th place for medals and Slow Dance. 

Nthati Theko performing her Freestyle Solo. Photo provided

She danced at the Cheetah Challenge Championship Competitions the next day and obtained 1st place for Slow Dance, 4th place for Freestyle Solo and 6th place in the World Trial Circuit Disco Solo!

Her team, Pre-C-Sion Squad, came 2nd in the WTC Disco Small Group.

Sedi Mosala came 2nd in the Freestyle Solo and she moved from beginner to novice/rising dancer. She was also part of the Pre-C-Sion squad. We are all very proud of the girls.

Sedi Mosala is super proud of her medals! Photo provided