May 29, 2024

Author: Kwame Moabi

Speech Night celebrates excellence

KWAME MOABI The traditional academic procession of the educators in their black gowns, along with the guest speaker for the evening, created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation in the Universitas Geloofsentrum. For the past year those educators’ consistent determination to strive for excellence enabled the prize winners to reach their goals. Dr Johan Cromhout […]

Buxton brings it home in annual inter-house singing

On August 27th 2021, the official four houses of SMS came together to partake in what was a joyous occasion of inter-house singing. Under intense pressure and a restricted amount of time, each respective house made sure to deliver what they thought best could bring home the Gold plaque for them. In an interview conducted […]

Teachers our Covid-19 warriors!

On Wednesday 25 June, after waiting in the sun for hours, teachers and support staff eventually received their Covid-19 vaccines at the University of the Free State. Vaccination will definitely give teachers, learners, and their families more peace of mind. However, Covid-19 still lingers and now, more than ever, it’s urgent that we comply with the laws set in place to protect all of us. This, unfortunately, is the new norm and it will be for a while longer.

St Michael’s welcomes a new Physical Sciences educator

MR DANIEL WISDOM TENGEY, a Ghanian educator who has been living in South Africa since 2006, was appointed as the new science teacher at St Michael’s.

SMS support staff

KWAME MOABI Me Thandiwe Maria Mehlo started working at St Michael’s on 25 August 1985. She is a devout member of the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa and very proud of the uniform of the MMM, the women’s action of the church. The women’s action is involved in a wide spectrum of charity work, from […]