Author: Reneé du Toit

Swimmers stretch out their arms to reach their goals

After a year of not being able to compete in the pool due to the pandemic, the swimmers were back and ready for action at the Inter-house Gala – their perseverance, love for, and dedication to the sport brought them back.

Southern Free State Squash Tournament

28 players from St Michael’s took part in the Southern Free State squash tournament. For many of the learners, it was their first squash tournament. Although we were able to practise squash during Covid 19 as it is seen as a non-contact sport, this is the first official tournament in many months. The following girls […]

St Michael’s will celebrate Heritage Day differently

Tomorrow, 23 September, will be the first time in a few years that learners at SMS will celebrate Heritage Day by wearing their hoodies. Learners and teachers may come to school in their SMS hoodies with blue or black jeans.

YOUR story: Illiana Stevens

ILLIANA STEVENS in Grade 10 has recently been selected as the winner of an Ambassador berth from ON POINT Lifestyle Magazine. She will take part in various ON POINT lifestyle projects and marketing and advertising campaigns, while also being featured in a special edition of ON POINT Lifestyle Magazine.

Stockings, sore muscles and candle wax – that’s what ‘skivvies’ are made of

The air smelled of wet grass and burning candles at this year’s Basher ceremony. Although the ceremony couldn’t take place in the chapel as always, there was the same spirit in the air. There were thick clouds in the sky; even the rain was excited to see the event. The hot candle wax dripped onto the girls’ dresses and fingers, but nothing could dampen the spirit.

Movie night a great success

AMIDST THE UNCERTAINTY about the Corona Virus, the Community Services Committee hosted a movie night at the end of May. Kgosatsana Mabalane, a member of the committee, said that she had been inspired by the BLM movement during lockdown last year to end Period Poverty. The pad drive was connected to the movie night to encourage people to donate to a cause that really matters. Quite a few learners pitched in and supported this initiative.

New Financial Manager an asset for SMS

THE NEW FINANCIAL MANAGER at St Michael’s is spontaneous but an introvert at heart. She enjoys challenges and is always ready to tackle any task. She is self-motivated and motors through any obstacle she might face. She believes that one should not run from an issue but rather approach it head-on. Challenges and issues should grow and shape you, rather than be a stumbling block. Her life motto is to make the most of every moment, no matter what the situation, because life passes by so quickly.

Bloem Hawks bring back gold

MUCH LIKE 2020, 2021 was doomed to be a very uncertain year, especially speaking from a sports point of view, but the SMS girls excelled magnificently before this year blocked their talents.

Palestine and Israel: what’s going on?

MEDIA REPORTS about the recent bombings in Palestine, which led to many deaths and injuries, have caused many eyebrows to be raised. The conflict between Palestine and Israel has reached a level of extremity that is controversial across the world.