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Palestine and Israel: what’s going on?

MEDIA REPORTS about the recent bombings in Palestine, which led to many deaths and injuries, have caused many eyebrows to be raised. The conflict between Palestine and Israel has reached a level of extremity that is controversial across the world.

Matric 100-word essays

Since Grade 12 learners are not allowed to enter the SACEE 100-word Story Competition, The Semester seized the opportunity to publish two of the best stories from the Grade 12 class. Enjoy!

St Michael’s irreplaceable

As you have probably seen in my mother’s email, today has been a difficult day for me. I am writing to you to express what impact St Michael’s has had on me and to say a few words to the class of 2021.

We are all on the same side

Grade 11 learners and all the St Michael’s teachers were asked to gather for a meeting. Everyone waited in anticipation as Mr Van Wyk took to the microphone.

What’s trending on Twitter?

Heading into the fourth industrial revolution, which will be defined by technological advances, social media has begun to play an important role in society. People use social media to voice their thoughts, highlight problems, and enlighten others. Created in 2006, Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for people to spread awareness of current events through trending hashtags. The following hashtags are currently trending:

Father Grant’s ordination in SMS Chapel momentous and historic

THE ORDINATION of Reverend Grant Trewern to the order of priest was a momentous and historic occasion, not only for the Church but for the school as well, as it marked the first time that an ordination took place at any school. It also coincided with the 145-year celebration of the school’s founding on Founder’s Day.

40 graves link past and present

A MISSING PIECE in the puzzle of the history of St Michael’s School for Girls has recently been discovered by Dr Johan Cromhout. Inspired by an old girl’s inquiry and driven by his own passion for history, he started searching for the graves of the older nuns who had not been buried at the Cathedral.

Get ready for a comeback

St. Michael’s, despite all efforts, has never been a school that excels at sports. Despite a few small victories, the sporting standard of the school never seems to match the academic standard. One sport that perfectly fits that description, is swimming – and this fact has not gone unnoticed. Now, there is hope – there is currently a renewed focus on making swimming at St Michael’s a success.