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Do not miss an enchanting evening

Imagine sitting on a cozy blanket next to loving family members under a star-spangled sky. You are surrounded by happy St Michael’s friends and the warm air smells like spring. You are eating your favourite picnic snacks and enjoying a heart-warming, inspirational movie.

Matric 100-word essays

Since Grade 12 learners are not allowed to enter the SACEE 100-word Story Competition, The Semester seized the opportunity to publish two of the best stories from the Grade 12 class. Enjoy!

The changing tides at St Michael’s

JADE VENTER Over the years many things have changed at St Michael’s. Some traditions have been lost but new ones have been and are being formed. Semester interviewed a few Old girls about their school career at SMS, and it was discovered that St Michael’s has never just been all about academics and sports. You […]

A Perfect Combination for you

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