May 29, 2024

Day: November 15, 2021

Lerato Bereng an inspiration

KWAME MOABI Ms Lerato Bereng is the Art Curator and co-owner of Stevenson Gallery. Having worked with many brilliant artists in the country, such as Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi and Simon Gush, and having sold art to some of the biggest names in music such as Rihanna, she earned herself an impressive CV. As a problem […]

It’s my call- Yellow Daisies

KATHERINE BURT-ROBINSON As a young girl I spent many weekends at my grandmother’s house in Johannesburg. My grandfather died two years before I was born, and ever since Granny had lived alone in the house in which my father had grown up. She was, for the most part, a relatively bland person – every Friday […]