June 18, 2024

Robots are taking over the school!


The Robotics Club is a club at St Michael’s School where the girls learn how to build robots and program them to do certain tasks.

The learners start with Module 1 where they learn the basics. They determine the different components and how to connect them together in order to build articles. In Module 1, the learners build a car that moves in the presence of light.

On 16 September 2022 the Module 1 learners took part in a competition where prizes were awarded to learners whose cars work the best and have the most creative body designs. The following Grade 6 learners obtained 1st to 4th places respectively: Naleli Ramaema; Cholohelo Mateza; Katleho Mokohena and Milani Mbane. The prizes that they received were different discounts for their future Module 2 robots.

The Module 2 pupils are learning to build robots that can be programmed to move and play tunes. They will soon be moving on to Module 3 where they will learn to work with infrared and ultrasound.

The Robotics Club meetings are enjoyable where learners are educated about technology while having fun at the same time. ‘I like robotics because it taught me teamwork and how to program and work with electrical components,’ says Remofiloe Tsunke.