June 18, 2024

Category: Life at SMS

Victorian Tea offers a welcome respite

The tranquil setting of the Free State Botanical Gardens, together with the beautifully laid tables formed the perfect backdrop for a classy breather before the looming June exams.

Like, comment and follow

With over 250 000 views on the first-ever video posted on the brand-new St Michael’s TikTok page, the new Media Club has already proven their excellence, leaving the rest of the learners excited for what’s to come.

Life coach encourages enthusiasm

The celebration of SMS Sisterhood, held in the Jubilee Hall on 4 February, was enriching and great fun. The evening started on a high note with dancing and praise and worship and ended with the learners experiencing a complete change in mindset.

Speech Night celebrates excellence

KWAME MOABI The traditional academic procession of the educators in their black gowns, along with the guest speaker for the evening, created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation in the Universitas Geloofsentrum. For the past year those educators’ consistent determination to strive for excellence enabled the prize winners to reach their goals. Dr Johan Cromhout […]

Do not miss an enchanting evening

Imagine sitting on a cozy blanket next to loving family members under a star-spangled sky. You are surrounded by happy St Michael’s friends and the warm air smells like spring. You are eating your favourite picnic snacks and enjoying a heart-warming, inspirational movie.

Bully Busters: Be a Buddy, not a Bully!

The Bully Buster campaign was held at St Michaels over a week; and a few days due to classes being in quarantine; and was presented by Mrs. Marele Venter and Mrs. Natasja Rowe-Rowe and was presented to the grade 3 – 12 as well as to the parents via Zoom.

St Michael’s irreplaceable

As you have probably seen in my mother’s email, today has been a difficult day for me. I am writing to you to express what impact St Michael’s has had on me and to say a few words to the class of 2021.

We are all on the same side

Grade 11 learners and all the St Michael’s teachers were asked to gather for a meeting. Everyone waited in anticipation as Mr Van Wyk took to the microphone.

Baby packs for preemies donated

n the middle of a busy academic term with many challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic, Mrs Melanie Schoeman initiated a project to inspire St Michael’s girls to show compassion by co-operating to donate packages for premature babies.

Gr 11s prank across the board

DURING PRANK WEEK the Grade 11 learners are set loose to cause havoc and disruptance in their teachers’ lives. The week started off with a bang as they played a pre-recorded message in the form of a purge announcement, over the intercom, stating that Prank Week had begun and that the teachers should ever so often look over their shoulders and tread carefully.