June 18, 2024

Month: November 2021

Ms Swanepoel makes waves

Ms Jo-Nelke Swanepoel recently umpired the 2021 Senior Ladies’ Interprovincial Tournament in Cape Town. Blowing for both the semi-finals and the finals, she continued her tradition of blowing for both games ever since her first tournament in 2018.

When she rode for the first time at the age of 2, Alexia Augousti fell in love with the sport. Together with her horse Moonshine, or Moonie, or Moon for short, she competed in the SANESA Q4 2021. She competed in the dressage Special Needs Tests 3 and 4 as well as the Special Needs Performance Riding Class. She excelled in all three of her categories obtaining 3 red ribbons – which are for first place!

Mr Muller seeks greener pastures

Mr Mark Muller has been offered a promotion at a private Catholic School, St Andrew’s, in Grahamstown.

Speech Night celebrates excellence

The traditional academic procession of the educators in their black gowns, along with the guest speaker for the evening, created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation in the Universitas Geloofsentrum. For the past year those educators had worked overtime to complete the curriculum. Their consistent determination to strive for excellence enabled the prize winners to reach their goals.

Hostel Week creates unity

LIMPHO KHOLOPANE The prospect of Hostel Week filled the air with enthusiasm and cheer as hostel students, house mistresses and the kitchen staff prepared to have an exhilarating, fun-filled week. To kick-start the week, each table in the Dining Hall was encouraged to decorate a cake in an hour. Everyone came up with eye-catching ideas […]

Lerato Bereng an inspiration

KWAME MOABI Ms Lerato Bereng is the Art Curator and co-owner of Stevenson Gallery. Having worked with many brilliant artists in the country, such as Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi and Simon Gush, and having sold art to some of the biggest names in music such as Rihanna, she earned herself an impressive CV. As a problem […]

It’s my call- Yellow Daisies

KATHERINE BURT-ROBINSON As a young girl I spent many weekends at my grandmother’s house in Johannesburg. My grandfather died two years before I was born, and ever since Granny had lived alone in the house in which my father had grown up. She was, for the most part, a relatively bland person – every Friday […]

Southern Free State Squash Tournament Friday 5 – Saturday 6 Nov

28 players from St Michael’s took part in the Southern Free State squash tournament. For many of the learners, it was their first squash tournament. Although we were able to practise squash during Covid 19 as it is seen as a non-contact sport, this is the first official tournament in many months. The following girls […]

Mr Muller seeks greener pastures

BOEMO SELLO Mr Mark Muller has been offered a promotion at a private Catholic School, St Andrew’s, in Grahamstown. After a long and eventful 18 years of working at St Michaels, Mr Muller says that he has many memorable experiences over the years at the school. He met great people, colleagues as well as students […]