June 18, 2024

Mr Muller seeks greener pastures


Mr Mark Muller has been offered a promotion at a private Catholic School, St Andrew’s, in Grahamstown.

After a long and eventful 18 years of working at St Michaels, Mr Muller says that he has many memorable experiences over the years at the school. He met great people, colleagues as well as students over this period, but ‘just being here’ was the best part of his teaching career at SMS.

   He came from a university where he was responsible for many people.  His first year at St Michael’s was ‘more relaxed’ as he would like to call it, but quite a change. He went from teaching adults to teaching learners subjects such as English and Mathematics.

   Mr Muller explains that he was drawn to St Michael’s because it was the right place at the right time. His contract at the university where he was teaching had come to an end and, at that time, there happened to be a vacancy at SMS.

   Mrs Zané Barry says that she will remember Mr Muller for the calm and patient way in which he approaches a crisis. ‘He is very intelligent and has a very broad general knowledge,’ says Mrs Stumpfe. Everyone at St Michael’s knows Mr Muller as a very talented man – an excellent photographer and a good swimmer who plays the bagpipes well and speaks the most beautiful English. He also has an amazing sense of humour.

   One of the many things that he has learned about himself was that he enjoys teaching.