June 18, 2024

Changes shake St Michael’s


AND JUST like that….he’s gone. Our beloved principal, Mr Braam van Wyk walked up the aisle in chapel for the last time on Friday…… 

It was a Junior School chapel service that many will probably remember for a long time. When Mr Van Wyk blessed the congregation, more than 300 red hearts went up and the girls sang, Abba Father. 

Mr Van Wyk said that the girls in the Junior School have always been his favourite and after Mrs Stumpfe’s speech during which she cried so much that little could be heard, many of the girls could not contain their grief any longer. Heart rendering sobs rang through the chapel and Mr Van Wyk had to hug almost every single girl!

Before the Senior Chapel the Junior School stood in two lines forming an honorary guard for the principal to walk through, singing Let there be love shared among us

Even though the question of a new principal was on everyone’s lips and learners as well as teachers were worried about the management of the school, Mrs Van der Bergh stepped into Mr Van Wyk’s shoes and school continues as if it hit a speed bump and is driving smoothly again, almost immediately.

The Junior School’s headmistress, Mrs Noeline Stumpfe, is now the acting deputy principal and in the hands of these two competent women, the Junior School feels quite safe and happy.