June 18, 2024

Connaught takes the win


The inter-house netball games consisted of 9 rounds. The last and final of the 9 rounds, was played between Connaught and Clarendon.

After the first half, the scores of the final game was too close for comfort for Connaught but this was good news for Clarendon. Clarendon was one goal down from drawing with Connaught until half time. The Connaught girls had to come up with new strategies and put their best players on court if they wanted to remain in the lead.

When the final whistle was blown and the scores were shown, Connaught had won the interhouse netball. Clarendon was second; Athlone third and Buxton fourth.

The players described the different games as challenging, competitive and very enjoyable. Some of the girls hadn’t held a netball ball for long and they were glad they had decided to play.

This just goes to show that everyone needs a change of scenery, away from the stress of school. This event forced people who wouldn’t usually interact with one another to join forces for a common goal. It pushed some completely out of their comfort zones.