July 21, 2024

Year: 2022

Illiana Stevens takes on New York

“Life is a fashion show, the world is your runway” ~Coco Chanel. Illiana Stevens puts this quote in motion by venturing out into the unknown world of modelling, in 2022 as a 14 year old anorexic on the way to recovery and self-discovery.

Connaught takes the win

The inter-house netball games consisted of 9 rounds. The last and final of the 9 rounds, was played between Connaught and Clarendon.

Lintle on the attack

Check mate! Lintle Phomane (Grade 9) took part in the Balans Market Chess Blitz Tournament on Saturday, 24 September.

SMS Hockey: Our goal? Stopping yours!

As the final whistle blew, shouts of joy erupted all over the astro. The First Team’s 2-0 win against Fichardt Park in the last game of the season was extra special because so many SMS learners had showed up to watch the ‘away’ game.

Robots are taking over the school!

The Robotics Club is a club at St Michael’s School where the girls learn how to build robots and program them to do certain tasks.

Mathematicians make their mark

The adrenalin was certainly felt during the ASSA Mathematics Team Competition, yet it was nothing our mathematicians in the making couldn’t handle.

40 Days an emotional rollercoaster

The SMS girls were emotional when they saw Mr Van Wyk enter the chapel.

Mr Duvenhage to the rescue

Parents have been finding it difficult to navigate the enormous potholes in the area surrounding the school premises whilst also having to deal with the complication of congested traffic in the area.

Scary enough to make you cry!

This year’s Sale of Work was much anticipated and what a success it was. The spring air and warm sun showed itself for the first time after the gloomy winter.

The upside of falling

This extraordinary book is about fake dating – a personal favourite of mine.