June 18, 2024

Mr Duvenhage to the rescue


Parents have been finding it difficult to navigate the enormous potholes in the area surrounding the school premises whilst also having to deal with the complication of congested traffic in the area.

After the school had received complaints with regard to the potholes in Klerk Avenue and Captain Proctor Street,

Mr Giel Duvenhage took it upon himself to get in touch with prospective sponsors. DIY Superstore, who is one of the school’s suppliers, agreed to supply the materials needed to fill the potholes. Anchor of Hope – a non-profit organisation which aims to restore the dignity of vulnerable people in Bloemfontein – provided the labour in association with AMC mining. Anchor of Hope facilitated the whole project and sponsored the tar. Ms Carolie Olivier, the kind Finance lady, assisted Mr Duvenhage with all the arrangements.

Despite the arrangements and plans for the project to be completed in a month’s time, the execution took only two days. This shows the dedication and time put into the project. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, the school offered the people involved delicious hotdogs and drinks which kept them motivated.

Many hours were spent on the project but the results were great. No more flat tyres or congested traffic on a Monday morning – all thanks to the backbone of this project, Mr Duvenhage!