June 18, 2024

Month: August 2021

Kaylen Simmons rules

Kaylen Simmons, captain of the SMS First Hockey Team, was a member of the Southern Free State U. 18A team that won both their matches against Northern Free State teams.

From forensics analyst to star teacher

Mr Jaco Cilliers was born in Bloemfontein and attended school at Jim Fouché. He studied Forensics, but decided that teaching was more challenging and interesting. He joined St Michael’s in Term 3 to replace Mrs Natasha Slabbert.

Prank-stars of 2022 pull out all the stops

Water balloons, duct tape, memes and superheroes…the annual Prank Week was no surprise, yet SMS girls were definitely presented with the unexpected. This Prank Week was one to remember for its integration of teachers, learners and the Class of 2022. It was an eventful and a light-hearted time before the storm of the November exams.

Hostel Week creates unity

The prospect of Hostel Week filled the air with enthusiasm and cheer as hostel students, house mistresses and the kitchen staff prepared to have an exhilarating, fun-filled week.

Bully Busters: Be a Buddy, not a Bully!

The Bully Buster campaign was held at St Michaels over a week; and a few days due to classes being in quarantine; and was presented by Mrs. Marele Venter and Mrs. Natasja Rowe-Rowe and was presented to the grade 3 – 12 as well as to the parents via Zoom.

Roles reversed on Forty Days

JEANINE SIRSAWY  This year’s Forty Days began with a Chapel Service. As Father Grant rightly said, ‘Farewells are never joyful nor are they easy, for soon you will not be seeing your teachers, school mates and peers who have been an integral part of your growing up in age, wisdom and grace.’  On the day, a major […]

Chapel Choir trains on Camp

TEBOGO THOBANE After weeks of planning, the Chapel Choir was able to go on its long overdue annual camp. The girls were accompanied by Ms Joanie Prinsloo, the conductor, as well as Mr Jaco Cilliers and  Mr Hederick Prinsloo. The camp took place at Be Human Farm Hotel where the girls arrived to find cosy rooms and […]

Why do we celebrate Women’s day?

FUMANE MASHEANE ’Wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo’ is a saying recognised across the country, a chant used to uplift women and remind the country of the importance of women. ‘When you strike a woman, you strike a rock.’ What does this saying really mean? What do we, as a country, understand when we hear the word ‘women’? As […]

2021 an odd year for the arts.

Since 2000, St Michael’s has hosted its Music, Arts and Drama Festival (or ‘MAD festival’, as Dr Cromhout likes to call it) every other year, alternating with the Afrikaans festival. Schools came from other neighbouring schools and other provinces to perform in the festival every year that it took place. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, last year’s festival was postponed to this year, an unimagined disappointment.

Matric 100-word essays

Since Grade 12 learners are not allowed to enter the SACEE 100-word Story Competition, The Semester seized the opportunity to publish two of the best stories from the Grade 12 class. Enjoy!