Author: SeMeSter

Editorial cartoon

The 17 May riots in Mangaung left some people unaffected and some devastated.

It’s my call: The Final Hours

I woke up with a terrible sweat. My stomach gnawed and growled. Something was not right. I got out of my futon1 and immediately searched my room. It was dark, but I could still find Okaa-san’s2 hair ornament. It was still in the red box next to my futon along with the small bag of money and a letter. Strange. Nothing was missing, but why did I have this terrible gut feeling?

Teagan Schoeman obtains a Green Belt

Teagan-Faith Schoeman successfully graded for her Green Belt 1 in Combat Tang Soo Doo.

SMS gave back and looked good while doing it!

NDUMI MASITHELA AND KAGISHO LIVERTSON MAN’S BEST FRIEND leaves pawprints on your heart and so it is only right to give back something to our loyal furry friends. St Michael’s learners did not only donate food and blankets for the animals at the SPCA, they did it dressed to impress! The civvies day gave learners […]

A rising star on the tumbling mat

IBUKUN BENEDICT NTABISENG MALAHLEHA in Grade 5 received a bronze medal in the Helena Botha Gymnastics Competition. She has been part of the Club for a few years and performs especially well in the tumbling section. She says, ‘I felt very nervous before the competition started. I was quite worried that I wouldn’t do well. […]

Grade 8 sleepover a bonding experience

St Michael’s has always prepared incoming Grade 8s for their high school journey by integrating them over a span of two weeks, including a weekend sleepover which is fascilitated by that year’s matric class, and this year was no different.

The pink-sweet lady leaves St Michael’s

Mrs Rosemary van Niekerk handled the finances at SMS before she recently resigned. She was a warm presence in the office who was legendary for the pink sweets that she dished out to teachers when they felt a bit blue. She was a caring person who showed genuine interest in everyone’s wellbeing.