July 21, 2024

Who are you?


The question about their identity presented itself in many of the activities that the Grade 9 ladies took part in. These adventurous activities included hiking, completing an obstacle course and Bible study sessions. The fundamental question for them centred around the point that the young ladies are now at a stage in their lives where they need to start making their own life choices.

   Hiking up the mountain taught the girls that everyone goes through hardships, travels on dirt roads and experiences the highs and lows of life. However, they learnt that no matter the circumstance they should always keep pushing forward and were encouraged by Mr Niklaas Arangies and Karl Naude the importance of perseverance.

The obstacle course which was one of the hardest challenges the girls had to face, required absolute balance and concentration. In the process the ladies learnt to trust and have faith in themselves which was uplifted by support from their peers.

Overall the Grade 9 camp taught the girls team work, empathy for others, love for the word of God, and trust – not just in themselves but also in others. It helped the girls to look deep inside themselves and examine exactly who they are and most importantly that family doesn’t need to be blood related.

The Bible study sessions were enlightening in terms of how to connect with and speak to God. It reminded the girls that God is always there and would never forsake them. Niklaas Arangies and Karl Naude taught the girls ways to get closer to God by reading them daily Bible verses to guide them through the process of figuring out who they are.

Adina Ndewere and Mrs Seungnet Pietersen enjoy the campfire at the grade 9 camp. Photo B. Sello