April 22, 2024

Gr 8 camp ‘haunted’!


The infamous ‘Ottergat’ is said to be the scariest event at the Grade 8 camp but, according to the Grade 8 learners, it turned out to be an exciting challenge.

   Now you are most probably wondering what else the Grade 8 learners did at the camp. They also took part in an adventurous hiking activity which included building shelters in the damp weather. More great adventures followed: a challenging obstacle course and an exhilarating zipline.

   Back at the camp a competitive game of volley ball was played and later on the girls participated in a general-knowledge quiz.

   On the Tuesday night, the girls in the downstairs dorm allegedly had an eerie visit from the ghost of a ‘granny’. They heard the sound of knocking, and some say the door opened and closed by itself. The campers ended up pushing their beds together away from the door.

   The purpose of this camp, held at On Track Adventures near Hobhouse, was to learn how to work together, to interact with peers and adults, and how to do things responsibly.

The Blue Team celebrates their volley-ball victory at the Gr 8 camp. Photo R vd Walt