June 18, 2024

Category: Reviews

Film review Brooklyn

Set in the 1950s, Brooklyn is about a young Irish girl, Eilis Lace (portrayed by Saoirse Ronan), who emigrates to the United States in search of a bigger life than the one her small town can offer her.


MATILDA is an old-time favourite that holds a special place in many people’s hearts. The special effects such as Matilda having fun using her power by sending cards and game chips flying or the principal swinging a little girl by her pig tales and throwing a boy out of a classroom window are amusing and wonderfully done.

Review: The Man in the Iron Mask

In France, the young King Loius the XIV secret twin brother, Phillipe who was believed once dead…

Market Day improves entrepreneurial skills

THE CACOPHONY of sounds, smells and colours of a classic market, met buyers when they entered the Jubilee Hall on Market Day. There were over 37 stalls, selling from delicious doughnuts and pop corn to books and jewellery.