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It’s my call: The Final Hours

I woke up with a terrible sweat. My stomach gnawed and growled. Something was not right. I got out of my futon1 and immediately searched my room. It was dark, but I could still find Okaa-san’s2 hair ornament. It was still in the red box next to my futon along with the small bag of money and a letter. Strange. Nothing was missing, but why did I have this terrible gut feeling?

From the Editor’s desk

In many ways, the first half of this year felt almost normal as we all become more and more accustomed to the new, post-Covid way of life.

Book review on Moving Target by Lynette Eason

In the third book of Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardians series, Moving Target, Maddy McKay and Detective Quinn Holcombe are on the run from a serial killer who calls himself ‘The Chosen One’. Both of them are also running from their past and for their lives. Now forced into in a deadly game of hide and seek they have to do everything possible to say alive and keep their friends and family safe. The Chosen One has been more than capable of tracking them down so far.

From the Editor’s Desk

2020 has felt like one of those long-winded, unrealistic movies you watch on a whim with your friends, which you give up on halfway through when keeping up with the plot starts to give you a headache (P.S. The movie probably stars Dwayne Johnson). Unfortunately, unlike those movies, there was no magical off-button that could end this year. Finally, we are approaching the end-credits, and are awaiting 2020’s swansong.

From the Editor’s Desk

It is almost impossible to put into words the number of curved balls 2020 has thrown our way. The past nine months have felt like an eternity – one looks back at March and wonders how we’re still in the same year.

Film review Brooklyn

Set in the 1950s, Brooklyn is about a young Irish girl, Eilis Lace (portrayed by Saoirse Ronan), who emigrates to the United States in search of a bigger life than the one her small town can offer her.

It’s my call: Breaking the boundaries of the brain

Although depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders have been around since the beginning of humanity itself, they have only recently been recognised by health professionals and people around the world as clinical issues. This created a generational gap in both understanding and compassion towards those affected.

This too shall pass

2020 is a year that, instead of living up to the expectations of rebirth, new life, or a fresh start, has taken the lives of many and left most wishing to return to just about any time pre-Corona Virus.

It’s my call – This is how the world ends …

There was no world war, no outbreak of famine, no uprising to a revolution, not even a natural disaster. There was no new man, no financial issues, no ‘falling out of love’. There was just good old Alzheimer’s Disease.