April 14, 2024

Welcoming the new


Normality, shocking surprises and an old energy renewed – these are but a few of the things the first half of 2022 has brought us. With Covid-19 restrictions slowly being lifted this year, the school has regained a familiar feeling. From the buzz on the corridors to the daily chapel services and lively extra murals emanate a new, more vibrant energy.

   While we become accustomed to the ‘old’ again, we’ve also unexpectedly had to welcome the ‘new’. Mr Van Wyk made an announcement earlier in Term 2 that he would be leaving the SMS family and this came as a shock to us all. Learners and staff didn’t know how to react to the news at first but eventually, with sad hearts, we said goodbye to our former principal and wished him well with his new endeavours. We welcomed a familiar face to a new position with Mrs Imelita van der Berg becoming the new Acting Principal and Mrs Stumpfe the Acting Vice-Principal.

   From debating tournaments to hockey leagues and elegant Victorian Teas, it didn’t take long for the school to come back into full swing after Covid had put us on halt in 2021. The Chapel choir participated in the ATKV regionals choir competition that took place in Bloemfontein and obtained gold. A number of our girls participated in the Vrystraat Kunswedstryd and did not disappoint, bringing home a myriad of awards ranging from A to A++ certificates.

   SMS also welcomed two new staff members to the family. Mr Elmar Henning is the new Computer Literacy, CAT and IT teacher and all-round jokester. Mr Henning brings a new spark to our lives and new perspective in his classes.                                      Ms Rumarie van der Walt, the new Mathematics teacher, brings a new spirit to our corridors with her contagious smile and active character.

   At the second-term Cultural Evening, learners showcased their incredible general knowledge in a fun and engaging quiz. Our hockey, netball and cross-country girls dusted off their skills and performed excellently in their respective leagues. The marketing team was hard at work, planning amazing events like the Sisterhood event where girls were taught how to ‘level up’, put their goals into action and turn their dreams into reality through hard work and determination. The team also put together a Market Day with many games, stalls and activities that people enjoyed.

   Not only are our girls intelligent and hard-working, but also elegant and beautiful as showcased in the Miss SMS Pageant where girls strutted their stuff and attended workshops on how to walk tall and confidently. Contestants also started up their own initiatives to help make their communities better. At the Valentine’s Ball true beauty was displayed as our girls attended in stunning dresses to enjoy a fun night under the stars. The elegant, stylish Victorian Tea, arranged by Mrs Seugnet Pietersen, was attended by twenty-four Grade 12 ladies.    

   The first half of the year was filled hard work and memorable evenings. We regained an old energy that Covid-19 took from us last year. This old energy, however, felt renewed and gave the learners courage and perseverance to face it all and be prepared for all the adventures the rest of the year will bring.