Author: Katherine Burt-Robinson

The results are in…

The results of the 2020 matric final exams are in, and for the 41st year in a row, St Michael’s is celebrating a 100% matric pass rate. The school also managed to obtain an 89,5% bachelor’s pass, and seven students achieved 3 distinctions.

From the Editor’s desk

In many ways, the first half of this year felt almost normal as we all become more and more accustomed to the new, post-Covid way of life.

From the Editor’s Desk

2020 has felt like one of those long-winded, unrealistic movies you watch on a whim with your friends, which you give up on halfway through when keeping up with the plot starts to give you a headache (P.S. The movie probably stars Dwayne Johnson). Unfortunately, unlike those movies, there was no magical off-button that could end this year. Finally, we are approaching the end-credits, and are awaiting 2020’s swansong.

New chapter opens for Mrs Venter

In a small school such as St Michael’s, one teacher can play a very significant role. Mrs Karen Venter, the SMS Physical Sciences educator for the past two years, was one such teacher. It is with heavy hearts that the SMS community says goodbye to her as she begins a new phase in her life: completing her PhD.

RCL members take oath for St Michael’s

Under normal circumstances, the induction of the newly elected proctor body, where the current matric class passes on their role as leaders of the school to the next matric class, forms part of the Valedictory Service. This year, in order to accommodate social distancing, the induction was a separate service, attended only by the Grade Elevens, the RCL members of lower grades and their parents. In spite of this, the occasion still proved to be an enjoyable and meaningful one.

From the Editor’s Desk

It is almost impossible to put into words the number of curved balls 2020 has thrown our way. The past nine months have felt like an eternity – one looks back at March and wonders how we’re still in the same year.