July 21, 2024

High hopes and great dreams for the Semester team


The Semester team met early in Term 1 for an exciting and informative session. New members were given the opportunity to feel what it is like to be a part of a team of driven and focused writers. During the session, they got to experience a slight taste of the working environment that the writers and editors operate under, which left many of them feeling ready to take on the job.

Throughout the afternoon, discussions were held on ways to improve the paper with Mrs Heunis presenting pivotal points on how the writers should perfect their work and lean away from generic writing. Shortly thereafter the writers began to deliberate amongst themselves on who would be assigned particular events according to the term calendar. Mrs Du Toit, the newspaper guardian, then discussed with the writers and photographers of the team, the online edition of the Semester and how it would be modified and taken up a notch.

Halfway through the day’s hard work, the ladies enjoyed the delectable snacks and treats provided by Mrs Du Toit. The snack breaks which were essential, provided new and old team members with the opportunity to get to know one another, reflect on past Semester editions, and to look forward to future editions.

   The traditional Semester team photo, which was taken by Zoe Coetzee, captured not only a brilliant team of writers and photographers but also the energy of each of the team members who look forward to the year.