June 18, 2024

Edit, edit and submit


2021 was a year of change, but also a year of growth. By now Covid-19 has become a repeated tune, a song we all know far too well. Nevertheless, adjusting to it has been quite a process. Due to Covid-19, 2021 has become a year of adjusting to new daily protocols that have to be followed, schedules that have to be tweaked to become Covid-friendly and fewer sports and cultural events. Even the way we go to Chapel everyday has changed. Our lives have been edited by Covid.

   However, this year was still filled with the same old St Michael’s spirit. We welcome teachers like Mr Daniel Tengey and Mr Jaco Cilliers to our small school.  

   Many annual events have been edited out like the hockey festivals the school used to hold, the annual Carol Service and the usual Gala and Athletics Days.

   Other events have been edited in, like the Sisterhood gatherings and Movie Nights which have been great successes. The annual Speech Night took place in a different venue but the atmosphere of enrichment and excitement remained. The same can be said about the Valedictory service that took place in the Chapel; it was truly an evening filled with mixed emotions: reminiscence and anticipation.

   We say goodbye to Mr Mark Muller and Mrs Elizabeth Venter who have been part of the St Michael’s family for many years. Thank you for having been role models to many girls over the years. Please know that SMS will always be grateful for your contribution to making this school a better place.

   Normally we welcome one or two members into the Semester editorial team; this year we welcome a new Semester team. Not only am I proud to be the new editor, I am proud to be part of a new Semester team that is going to bring fresh ideas and a new energy to the newspaper. With the bulk of the previous Semester team being in matric and off to new adventures, we take with us their guidance and work ethic and we’re determined to take the Semester to new heights.

   2021 has definitely been a year with ups and downs and many different drafts but it has brought out the best in our staff and learners and truly shown us the potential of the SMS family. With our new-found strength and sisterhood, the Semester team of 2022 will be a winner!