July 21, 2024

Market Day improves entrepreneurial skills

Bright colours and a buzz of noise again characterised Market Day.


THE CACOPHONY of sounds, smells and colours of a classic market, met buyers when they entered the Jubilee Hall on Market Day. There were over 37 stalls, selling from delicious doughnuts and pop corn to books and jewellery.

The Grade 4-6 Market Day this year was part of Lateral Learning, which is quite significant, as learners’ business skills are developed: they have to work together in groups, plan and prepare and finally sell their goods. Not only does this occasion teach learners entrepreneurial skills and to communicate, it also teaches them to give back to the community. 10% all profits was donated to cancer patients. This left young entrepreneurs feeling quite good about themselves.

The pony rides, managed by Yaya and her team, all in pink, was one of the highlights of the day.

Barbeques have become a common sight on Market Day and this year, again, taste buds were tempted with the delicious smell. Grandfathers, grandmothers and parents were hauled in to help and the day was another wonderful family day at St Michael’s.


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