July 21, 2024

Drab To Fab


WHO KNEW that a splash of paint and equipment upgrades could result in a complete transformation?

St Michael’s Foundation Phase was fortunate enough to undergo a renovation. The makeover was long overdue, as the teachers have had creative and exciting ideas for long, but had to wait patiently for the implementation.

When renovations finally started, things also did not go smoothly: there was a bit of a hiccup: While the builders were putting up shade nets, a wind storm unfortunately hit and blew them apart. Luckily they fixed it in no time.

The delight on the faces of the young SMS ladies was quite obvious and expressed their gratitude at the prospect of bringing fun back to learning.

SMS has always been a cut above the rest because teachers in different phases work together to prepare learners for higher grades. The school realises that in order to get good results at the end of Grade 12, they should nurture a strong foundation.

This metamorphosis from a moth to a butterfly will certainly be enjoyed by all who pass through our Foundation Phase gates.