June 18, 2024

SMS takes on Afrikaans at Brandwag


During the week of 16 to 20 May a number of Intermediate Phase learners embraced the Afrikaans language and took part in the Vrystaatse Kunswedstryd at Brandwag Primary School.

St Michael’s is very proud of their bravery, and they all excelled in their individual items. 

Mrs Tabbie Enslin also entered the Grade 5S1 and Grade 5S2 classes for the Afrikaans Speech Choir item. They did exceptionally well considering that they were the only English-speaking groups taking part.  Grade 5S1 received an A symbol for their performance of “Seef Sjongololo”. Grade 5S2 received an A+ symbol for their performance of “Valk en Hen”.

Congratulations to Jana Enslin, Hannah Heunis and Bokang Sehau, who each got and A+ for their poems.