April 22, 2024

Author: Tyler Arumugam

Exam tips given by a 140 years of excellence

TYLER ARUMUGAM THE JUNE EXAMS are over and everyone has learned a lot – subject content and valuable study tips. A summary of these and more might be very useful during tests next term and exams in November.          According to Mrs Ries, ‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’ Do not procrastinate. If you prolong the […]

Drab To Fab

TYLER ARUMUGAM WHO KNEW that a splash of paint and equipment upgrades could result in a complete transformation? St Michael’s Foundation Phase was fortunate enough to undergo a renovation. The makeover was long overdue, as the teachers have had creative and exciting ideas for long, but had to wait patiently for the implementation. When renovations […]

Brownies have fun while contributing to the community

TYLER ARUMUGAM THE SMS BROWNIE pack have already had loads of fun this year, while planting vegetable gardens, collecting canned food for the less fortunate and making gifts for Mother’s Day. Robert (later Lord) Baden-Powell and his sister Agnes Baden-Powell founded the Girl Guides in Great Britain in 1910 in response to the requests of […]

Do not miss an enchanting evening

Imagine sitting on a cozy blanket next to loving family members under a star-spangled sky. You are surrounded by happy St Michael’s friends and the warm air smells like spring. You are eating your favourite picnic snacks and enjoying a heart-warming, inspirational movie.