April 21, 2024

Nthati and Sedi dance their way to stardom


THE DANCING calendar kicked off this year with the All Black Festival. This was held at Bobby’s Park in March. 

The festival is a dance competition featuring Freestyle, Slowdance, Disco and Medals. Nthati and Sedi took part in the festival and loved it because of the theme: everybody had to wear black and the judges were kinder than usual. 

Next came the Battle of the Giants, at Sun City, which was true to its name – a real battle between excellent dancers. Nthati received 3d place for U13-14 WTC Disco Solo. She also got a 3d place in U12-13 Girl’s Championships and 4th place for U12-13 Girl’s Championships Freestyle Solo.    

Sedi got 4th place for Slowdance, Disco and 6th place for Freestyle.

The Battle of the Giants ended the following day on Sedi’s birthday, ‘We had so much fun at The Valley of Waves. I will never forget it.’

The Central Free State Festival was so cold that many dancers were in tears, because of the flimsy costumes they wore. However, the cold weather did not phase these two brilliant dancers. They performed excellently as usual.