July 21, 2024

swimmers stretch their limits


After a year of not being able to get into the pool due to the pandemic, the swimmers were back and ready for action at the Inter-house Gala – their perseverance, love for and dedication to the sport brought them back.

    Mrs Coetzee dedicated her time to train and help the team of girls improve and become great swimmers. Some swimmers, such as Jeanine Sirsawy says that she doesn’t focus as much on improving her style – she swims because it keeps her fit and happy. Swimming is not only about being the best swimmer or winning the most awards; it’s also about enjoying swimming even if you aren’t the best at it.

   Zoe Coetzee, winner of the Coaches’ Cup, Best Open Freestyle and Best Backstroke Awards, and also the Victrix Ludorum says that the relays were the highlight of the gala evening.

   Some say what they enjoyed most was the hilarious prank pulled on Ms Rumarie van der Walt during the relay between the teachers. They executed their sly scheme by letting Ms Van der Walt dive into the pool when Reverend Grant Trewern pulled the trigger while the other teachers just looked on. 

   Laughter and cheer filled the premises and you could almost smell the team spirit in the air. Swimming is one of the sports that unites the school through song, cheer and the presence of people who share the same enthusiasm for the sport as the swimmers themselves.

Zoe Coetzee was Victrix Ludorum and winner of the Coach’s Cup at the Interhouse Gala Photo J Coetzee