June 18, 2024

Coffee with Mrs Goodrick


SUGAR AND SPICE and all things nice; that is what Rozanne Goodrick is made of. She is a remarkable, kind and loving person with a good sense of humour.

    She joined the St Michael’s family in 2014. Prior to accepting the position as secretary at St Michael’s, Mrs Goodrick had a play group at her house and volunteered part-time at the Carel du Toit Centre for the Deaf. She holds a diploma in Early Childhood Development from UNISA, of which she is very proud, because even though she often felt like giving up on her studies, she persevered.

    She is a humble person who enjoys reading as well as spending time in nature with her German Shepherd, Rain. Believe it or not, Mrs Goodrick also enjoys watching her favourite Netflix series, Ozark, in her spare time.

   ‘Don’t think about negative things all the time. Focusing on good things will keep you positive and motivated,’ is something Mrs Goodrick often says to encourage other people. The fact that she always wakes up in a good mood helps her to be an even-tempered person. Working in a positive environment and being happy at home motivates her. Her warmth is as comforting as rays of sunshine.

   One of the reasons Mrs Goodrick remains at St Michael’s is that there are so many extraordinary people who make her feel at home. She enjoys the many events that take place here at St Michael’s.

   Covid-19 made her think about how much time one has on earth and how fragile life is. Luckily she is an optimist and the school has a positive impact on her.

   She exudes a natural, bubbly friendliness.  Her radiant smile makes people feel accepted and liked. Thankfully Mrs Goodrick is not planning on leaving St Michael’s any time soon, so everyone can look forward to enjoying her sunny disposition in the years to come.