July 21, 2024

Roles reversed on Forty Days


This year’s Forty Days began with a Chapel Service. As Father Grant rightly said, ‘Farewells are never joyful nor are they easy, for soon you will not be seeing your teachers, school mates and peers who have been an integral part of your growing up in age, wisdom and grace.’ 

On the day, a major switch of roles took place, with the matrics wearing their modified uniforms and the Grade 8s walking tall in matric heels, which many of them found surprisingly uncomfortable. The matrics each received their Farewell invitations and a white rose. 

From the Chapel, the Foundation-phase girlies, all dressed up in the cutest superhero costumes, formed a guard of honour that was continued by the Grade 4s to 7s until they met the Grade 8s at the Astro where they welcomed the matrics with shouts of merriment and celebration.

A flash-back to Grade 8 integration took place with the skivvies shouting their comical war cry that was meant to scare boys off, doing ‘Spiderman’ (clinging to the closest object,) and performing the SMS rap for the last time with the Grade 12s. The Matrics’ remodelled uniforms were a spectacle as always, with dresses being cut and shaped into memorable pieces which reflected their own personalities. 

But that was not all that happened that Friday. It was also Inter-house Singing where all the houses sang songs of freedom, friendship and family with voices high and angelic, or deep and powerful. All in all, everyone did their best and Buxton came first, not only baffling the house itself, but everyone else as well. It might be said that there was some favouritism in the air but it was overlooked and everyone broke into song and dance to celebrate.

The ‘Cupcakes for Cancer’ and the superhero-themed civvies day, organised by the Carers’ Club, added colour to the truly cheerful Forty Days celebration. 

After a long day filled with elation and celebration, the matric girls departed to Mimosa Mall and the rest of the girls were sent home to regain their voices and enjoy their weekend.