April 21, 2024

Hostel Week creates unity


The prospect of Hostel Week filled the air with enthusiasm and cheer as hostel students, house mistresses and the kitchen staff prepared to have an exhilarating, fun-filled week.

To kick-start the week, each table in the Dining Hall was encouraged to decorate a cake in an hour. Everyone came up with eye-catching ideas and created artistic and brilliant decorations that impressed the judges of the competition. 

More activities followed, creating excitement and unity among the hostel girls. A fun night of Stalk the Lantern challenged them to find the lantern and the person who was in charge of hiding it. 

A DIY Mask Competition gave the girls an opportunity to express themselves. The masks were colourful and imaginative and they brightened up everyone’s mood. 

On Wednesday, hostel girls had the privilege of wearing civvies to school. Many dressed comfortably and enjoyed their day. 

Movie night with popcorn, Burger King cheese burgers, a variety of cool drinks and comfy mattresses with pillows, sheets, and blankets was amazing. Everyone loved Cruella and watched attentively as riddles and mysteries of her past were revealed and cleared up. That evening became the topic of many conversations. 

To finish off an amazing week, hostel learners went to Jumper’s Lane on Sunday. Many had fun playing dodge ball, doing flips, running around, and doing tricks. This was the highlight of everyone’s week and the girls each received a box of delicious pizza and a few lucky girls got an extra box. Jumper’s Lane provided everyone with new memories that they could all cherish.

It was a memorable week filled with laughter and applause that united everyone.