July 21, 2024

Captain Jack Sparrow takes on Mera from the world of Aquaman


In a fictional world of fierce battle and hardship, these two film stars in their respective roles, have had to rise to the occasion and face the troubles that come with protecting their own. Although these two characters portrayed the roles of protagonists, ironically Captain Jack Sparrow and Mera fell short in their own love tale when the two became the antagonists in their relationship.


From drug and alcohol abuse to domestic abuse and then to defamation trials to the value of 100 Million Dollars, these two individuals have lived through it all.


Having begun their romantic relationship in 2012 after the production of a joint project, The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were oblivious to the fact that their relationship was in for quite the ride. Early in the relationship red flags already began appearing with actor Johnny Depp reportedly having been on large amounts of Cocaine coupled with heavy drinking, whilst acts of domestic abuse between the two took place.


After two short years of a legal and toxic marriage, the two split and divorce papers were finalised in 2017. 


In an interview conducted with Amber Heard by the Washington Post in 2018 the actress came forward with serious allegations of emotional and physical abuse by her ex-husband. As a result of these serious allegations made by Heard, Depp’s career suffered a major blow with Disney dropping him on one of his biggest career projects yet, Pirates of the Caribbean. As could be expected, Depp fired back and banged Heard with a 50 million Dollar defamation lawsuit. Later, she slammed back again at the award-winning actor with a whopping 100 million Dollar defamation claim which is still being disputed in court. Final proceedings have been scheduled for 27 May 2022.


What makes a celebrity case of this nature both educational and eye-opening, is that although Heard had come forward first with sensitive allegations of abuse, Johnny Depp claimed that he was the one being abused and not she. The Internet is torn. Although the case is still on-going, Depp has gained the most public support, with his statements in court having been found to remain the most consistent and truthful compared to Heard’s. 

The message that most Depp supporters are trying to convey is that the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial is a great example of how men can also be victims of domestic abuse.


In cases like these it’s important to take into account the events that transpired according to the two. Both Johnny and Amber have shown abusive behaviour towards each other, perhaps one more than the other. However, in this case one has to be labelled the victim and the other the abuser. Whose side are you on?