July 21, 2024

St Michael’s irreplaceable

Letters of appreciation from former SMS girls attending online school following the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Dear Mr Van Wyk 

As you have probably seen in my mother’s email, today has been a difficult day for me. I am writing to you to express what impact St Michael’s has had on me and to say a few words to the class of 2021.  

On my first day at SMS, I had tears in my eyes looking at all the unfamiliar faces and the obstacle of a language barrier. On my last day at St Michael’s, looking at all the familiar faces brought tears to my eyes.

These two days are separated by roughly a decade and in total contrast with each other. The days of my schooling were irreplaceable. St Michael’s has always been my home. Not being there has been difficult for me. But it is just a building. What made it home for me were the teachers, you Sir, my friends, and my classmates.

You have taught me how to be confident in myself. How to work with a proper work ethic. How to work with other people. How to be independent. Lastly how to have fun and form a family with people who are not of your blood. 

To the Class of 2021, who started matric today. You have finally made it. The staff has always talked about the class of 2021 and you are finally there. I just want to leave you all with a quote: ‘Together you experienced life. Separately you will pursue your dreams, forever your memories together will remain’ … and don’t torture the Grade’s 8 too much!  

Thank you, Sir, for all that you and the staff at St Michael’s have done for me. My blood will always be blue.  

Kind regards 

Jade Venter.”

Jade Venter, who would have been in matric this year, relocated to Aliwal North in August of 2020.
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