April 14, 2024

Life coach encourages enthusiasm


The celebration of SMS Sisterhood, held in the Jubilee Hall on 4 February, was enriching and great fun. The evening started on a high note with dancing and praise and worship and ended with the learners experiencing a complete change in mindset.

Dr Ntswaki Masithela, a life coach with an impressive resumé, was the presenter. The purpose was to teach learners how to define and work towards their goals.

Dr Masithela encouraged interest and excitement when she asked, ‘Can I get a Level 10 round of applause?’ to encourage the learners when they went onto the stage to display their vision boards, showcase a dance or act out different scenarios.

After she had helped the girls with changing their mind set and overcoming obstacles, to aim for their dreams and ‘spiral up’, everyone made vision boards using photos, illustrations, words and sentences from magazines, to boost self-awareness and reflection.

As the learners were presenting their vision boards, they shared their experiences and affirmations. Adina Ndewere said, ‘As a performing artist, I want to leave this earth knowing I have left a mark and I want to transform future generations.’ Her statement resonated with the learners’ emotions and it encouraged them also to feel the need to facilitate transformation.

Omolemo Malinga said, ‘Sisterhood gave direction to my life because it taught me how to set and achieve goals, regardless of obstacles that may come my way.’