June 18, 2024

The Met Gala arrives at St Michael’s


At this night of high-end fashion and of dazzling looks, couture was the order of the evening. The Met Gala and all things glamorous, were brought all the way from America to the St Michael’s Matric Farewell. It tested the girls’ creativity and flair for design. The Grade 12s pulled all the necessary stops to blossom into princesses, from their dresses, suits and makeup to their extravagant entries into the venue. Their arrivals were just as magnificent.

The venue, the Summerton Estate, was beautiful, and in a secluded spot just outside the city, surrounded by nature. It had a rustic ambiance which gave it warmth while creating an enchanting atmosphere. This complemented the decor inside the building which was adorned by subtle lights that provided a stunning glow.

The ladies made their way to their tables whilst showcasing their dresses and their dates. Mrs Melanie Schoeman, the FET Head, then called a few ladies up with their parents to come and share an emotional moment of happiness and pride with their daughter.

Ashlee Bell, one of the matrics who shared a moment with her mother at the dance, said that the highlight of the evening was being able to make memories that would last a lifetime, laughing and dancing with her beloved friends. She also enjoyed seeing how they transformed into elegant ladies.

Before the dance, hard work by the debutantes was put in to making sure everything was perfect for the event. One of the more stressful parts of the whole experience was managing time. ‘It felt like all the plans I had made to be ready in time fell through, one by one,’ Ashlee says. It proved to be worth it in the end – she mentions how she wouldn’t have wanted it any different.

The girls really enjoyed themselves, yet they also felt emotional because they realised that they were one step closer to the end of their school career. They were not ready to let go of people who have been like sisters to each other, some for the past 15 years. The same could be said for all the matrics as the Matric Farewell is an evening of celebrating how far the grade has come, and also stepping into the real world as individuals.